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Three servings of coffee granita. One with a teaspoon on it, ready to be enjoyed!
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Coffee Granita

Beat the heat with this coffee granita recipe!  A delicious and refreshing way to take your caffeine during summer! (VIDEO ABOVE)
Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time30 mins
Course: Snack
Cuisine: Italian
Servings: 8
Calories: 86kcal
Author: Neriz


  • 1 & 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 cup demerara sugar
  • 3 cups brewed coffee
  • 1 cup light cream
  • 1/2 tbsp powdered sugar
  • cocoa powder, for dusting (optional)


  • Combine water and sugar in a small saucepan. Mix until sugar has dissolved.
  • Cover with a lid and bring to a boil.
  • Combine coffee with sugar mixture and mix.
  • Pour coffee mixture into a freezer-safe tin.
  • After about an hour, take the tin out of the freezer and scrape the solid part of the mixture with a fork.
  • Place tin back in the freezer and repeat this process three times, after every hour.
  • Combine light cream and powdered sugar in a mixing bowl. Beat into soft peaks.
  • Spoon some of the coffee granita into a glass. Top with the whipped cream. Dust with some cocoa powder, if desired.
  • Serve.



  • You can use coffee powder instead of cocoa powder for dusting, if you prefer a more intense coffee flavor.
  • Do not pour too much coffee mixture into the tin.  It's easier to scrape it with a fork if it's no more than half of the tin.
  • Do not add the sugar all at once.  Keep tasting and adjusting according to your preferred sweetness or bitterness for coffee.


Calories: 86kcal